OOPS Consultancy clients include:
Leading Wall St. banks and finance houses
Dot.com start-ups
Technology consultancies and contractors

We have provided a wide range of solutions to our clients. Some examples are listed below:

WebSphere v4.0, Java, Servlets, Oracle
Design and development of core infrastructural components (including logging and directory services) for an investment bank's J2EE platform. Emphasis on testing and reliability was paramount, given the wide audience of these fundamental components.

Java, XML, CORBA, Solaris, Sybase
Lead development and architecture of a Java/CORBA-based middleware solution for a bank. A set of distributed servers designed to communicate between trading and settlement systems, designed from the ground up with reliability, security and monitoring built in from the start.

Java, Perl, Apache, Solaris
A complete Java development environment for a Knightsbridge bank, based on Solaris servers. Components include Java development tools, automated build, testing and documentation mechanisms, providing a self-documenting and reporting system.

Java, Servlets, XML, XSL, SVG
A servlet-based network graphing system, to generate diagrams of system interactions for a sizeable institution. The system was built as a set of XML-pluggable components, allowing plug-and-play configuration of input sources and output formats.

Java, Jini, Linux, Solaris, NT
A machine resource monitoring system for GRID-based solutions for a City-based consultancy, providing low-level machine statistics (down to kernel level) on various OSes.

Apache, Perl, CGI, DHTML + Javascript
A prototype agency website for a start-up company, dynamically built by collating and parsing data from third-party websites in real time. We used Perl for speed of implementation and its text-parsing capabilities.

Examples and samples are available for download

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