Clients range from blue-chip financial institutions to one-man start-ups.
Solutions range from enterprise-wide systems and frameworks, to small prototypes, to tutoring and advice.

OOPS Consultancy concentrates on the latest technology and techniques, but the focus is always on delivering the most suitable solution in the most timely fashion.

Technologies include:
Distributed object technology - CORBA, WebServices and Jini
Enterprise frameworks - Spring, J2EE and application servers (WebSphere and JBoss)
Cutting edge Java technologies
Web technologies
Markup technologies (XML, XSL)

OOPS Consultancy has been operating in the City since 1997, and possess not only the technical knowledge to implement solutions, but the business knowledge to communicate with the end users.

New Product! OOPS Consultancy has just released Veduta 1.1 - the innovative, intuitive and unique means to view complex system logs

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OOPS Consultancy is responsible for the xmltask Ant plugin.

XMLTask is an awesome tool!
User comment, June 2005

OOPS Consultancy is proud to be associated with and contribute to Code Cauldron - the community for developing advanced distributed framework components.

Please contact us if you have any queries or wish to discuss solutions.

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